Ciroc Brandy

Ciroc Brandy Vs 80 750ml

Introducing CÎROC VS Brandy – a dedication to distinction – our brandy is crafted with passion, process, and patience for incomparable smoothness and flavor that’s only equal is the individuals who celebrate their moment with a glass in hand.


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RISING SUN INGREDIENTS 2 oz CÎROC VS French Brandy 0.5 oz almond syrup 2 dashes of bitters METHOD 1. Add 2 oz CÎROC VS French Brandy, 0.5 oz almond syrup, & 2 dashes of bitters to mixing glass. 2. Add ice and stir for around 20 seconds. 3. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with lemon twist.


Ciroc Brandy