Dictador Rum 100 Month Cafe 80 750ml

Café 100-month aged rum is a perfect partner for the most discerning drinker who values their rum as much as their morning coffee.

Using ex-bourbon oak barrels after distillation in a continuous column still, this rum is then filtered through Colombia’s most well-known agricultural product – Arabica coffee beans. This provides a vast and deep flavour for those connoisseurs seeking a little something special in their rum.


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GRAN COFEE 40 ml Dictador Cafe, 1 tablespoon honey bartending, coffee beans Dictador Magno, 20 ml Mar ni Gran Lusso, 30 ml Colombian Ortodoxy HOW TO MAKE: Muddle coffee with honey, pour the rest of the ingredients in turn, complementa large bartending ice and s r. Ac ve pour into an ice-filled glass of "Old Fashioned"