Domaine Laroche

Domaine Laroche Reserve De L’obãdience 750ml

The grapes are hand-harvested in Grand Cru Les Blanchots of Domaine Laroche and collected in small crates to go to the winery where they are sorted. Then, each parcel is kept apart in order to do the entire winemaking process separately. Blending of the best wines from Grand Cru Les Blanchots takes place at the beginning of the summer every year. Samples are taken from each vat, cask and barrel and are then tasted and selected for their delicacy and silky outlines. The aim is to express in the glass the typicity of the terroir as faithfully as possible. We try to get nearer to the perfect wine if it exists: refined, intense, mineral and capable of maturing for at least twenty years.


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Domaine Laroche