Gabriel Boudier Dijon Creme De Framboises 750ml


Gabriel Boudier is the only major independent Cassis de Dijon
company founded on heritage and family. Created in 1874, the
company has since produced a wide range of liqueurs and

Gabriel Boudier?s created the Creme de Fruits range by drawing on
ancestral traditions and being respectful of the fruit from which
there liqueurs drew from. Allowing only the finest hand-selected
fruit, that has been picked at its peak of ripeness, Gabriel
Boudier?s extraction of flavors is conducted by following an old
Vosgienne recipe, that has been passed down from generation to
generation. Macerating of the fruit occurs only in the finest of
alcohol and is finished by infusing the mixture in just the right
amount of sugar and allowing to age in glass demijohns.

The result is a magnificent range of complex flavored liqueurs that
are subtle, powerful and sweet and are best enjoyed as a digestif,
mixed with champagne or in your favorite cocktail.

Present in 68 countries, Gabriel Boudier?s products are
recognized by connoisseurs of high-quality products through the

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