Hennessy XO Cognac 375ml

Powerful, harmonious, elegant, masculine and generous, Hennessy X.O is blended using more than 100 eaux-de-vie aged up to 30 years specially selected from the four first growing areas.


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Tasting Notes:

LONG AGEING FOR GREATER INTENSITY: The 100 eaux-de-vie assembled to create X.O were aged for a long time, some for 30 years, to give an unparalleled robustness. Maurice Hennessy gave the name X.O to this extraordinary “extra old” cognac.

DEEPLY COMPLEX AND RICH: Its intense and deep amber color is a sign of its strength. Its flavors of candied fruit and its subtle and lightly spicy nose create a complete harmony: a mark of its power and roundness. To taste, a smooth, full sensation gives a simultaneously powerful and soft tonality with a hint of cocoa and a warm, fruity presence. The long finish expresses all the complexity of the cognac’s blending and its long ageing process. 

WHEN APPRECIATION GROWS: At once deep and powerful, its character seduces connoisseurs who appreciate its undeniable modernity and constant revealing of layers of flavors, whether tasted neat, on ice or with a splash of still or sparkling water. 

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BRANDY COCKTAIL INGREDIENTS 2 oz Hennessy XO 2 dashes Angostura bitters 2 dashes regans orange bitters 1 bar spoon simple syrup (1:1) Garnish: Lemon Twist DIRECTIONS Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice, stir to chill, strain into a rocks glass, garnish with a lemon twist.