Krug grande cuvee champagne 750ml


A stunning mosaic of flavours in which a blend of up to 50
different wines from 6-10 different years combine to give Krug
Grande Cuv?e its complexity, elegance and consistency, year after
year. There is no recipe for Krug Grande Cuvee. Each year the Krug
winemaking team meets to recreate the complexity, balance, elegance
and consistency that makes the Krug Grande Cuv?e. This is done
with careful attention to the most minute detail, so that six years
later it is in ready to be disgorged and released. Made from a
blend of up to 50 reserve wines of 20 to 25 different crus and 6 to
10 different years combine to create the complexity of this wine. A
bouquet wonderfully creamy, leading to a magical combination of
richness and balance on the palate. The long, lingering finish is
both nutty and toasty, always ending with a final flourish of

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Krug grande cuvee champagne 750ml


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